Dubai’s Thriving Economy with Strong Appetite for Franchising

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No longer reliant on oil, Dubai is leading the way with a thriving economy focused on tourism, technology & international investment. And U.S. franchises are winning.

With a rapidly increasing population, currently more than 3 million, a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in excess of $105 billion and one of the fastest growing tourism destinations in the world, Dubai’s economy is thriving and will continue its strong growth well into the future.

Dubai’s Thriving Economy

No longer dependent on oil, Dubai is leading the way in the Middle East for other nations to follow when it comes to diversifying, expanding and strengthening their economy. A commitment to building the most technologically advanced infrastructure within the region, and around the globe, Dubai is home to the region’s busiest international airport with the fourth-largest airline, the ninth-largest port, the world’s tallest building and the region’s largest shopping precincts. Not to mention the freeways, hospitals, entertainment areas, parks and centres, as well as the commercial and residential real estate that Dubai now offers locals and visitors alike.

Combine this with its tax-free incentives and improved intellectual property and business legislation, Dubai is committed to attracting international interest and investment.

A Desire for US Franchise Brands

The influx of business and leisure tourists into Dubai each and every year is consistently growing. An increasing number of expatriates, along with nationals with a high net worth, are desperate for luxury consumer brands found around the world.

According to franchising expert, Derek Cafferata, Dubai has a particular desire for U.S brands. “The diverse population of Dubai has a high demand for luxury products,” says Derek. “They particularly desire luxury American brands.”

Add the fact that Dubai is now considered one of the most popular shopping destinations in the world, American brands are finding huge success in this market.

“Retail is one of the largest growth sectors in Dubai,” says Derek, CEO and President of All State Franchise Finders, “The nation can’t seem to get enough retail to meet consumer demands.”

Derek has seen many franchise brands surpass expectations by branching into the Middle East market, in particular, Dubai.

Franchise Experts Help Franchisors Enter Dubai Market

With more than 30 years’ experience in franchising throughout the United States and around the world, Derek Cafferata and his team at All State Franchise Finders have the experience and knowledge to work successfully with franchisors looking to branch out into international markets.

Local expertise in the Dubai and UAE business marketplace has led to many U.S. based companies realizing their dream of opening up into the Middle East, all under the guidance of franchising experts, All State Franchise Finders.

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