Storm Guard Leading the Way in Exterior Restoration Services

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Insured losses from natural disasters totalled over $16 billion in 2015, and Storm Guard are emerging as leaders in the insurance restoration industry.

Across the United States, at all times of the year, adverse weather creates havoc, destroying homes to varying degrees, from broken windows or damaged guttering to roof collapses and extensive damage.

Insured losses from natural disasters totalled over $16 billion in 2015, with thunderstorms, tornados and winter storms causing the most damage.

Storm Guard Restoration the Market Leader

Storm Guard have created a franchise business to meet the demands that these damaging weather conditions have on thousands of homes across the country each and every year.

Storm Guard Restoration work with insurance companies, targeting the residential home restoration market that includes more than $1 billion in roofing, window, siding and gutter claims each year.

Derek Cafferata, President and CEO of franchising experts All State Franchise Finders, confirms that Storm Guard Restoration are one of the fastest growing franchise opportunities in the exterior restoration industry.

“The exciting thing about the Storm Guard franchise is that it is looking to dominate what is currently a very fragmented industry, with small, localized players trying to work in with large insurance companies,” said Derek. “An innovative and dynamic company like Storm Guard Restoration is already reaping the benefits of taking an active lead within this large industry.”

Storm Guard Restoration the Perfect Customer Liaison

In order to provide the best customer service to each and every client, Storm Guard Restoration experts serve as a liaison between insurers and property owners, providing an accurate assessment of all property damage, helping to protect the value of the home owner’s investment. With Storm Guard representatives, claims are settled quickly and effectively and property damage is restored to the highest standard.

Not only does Storm Guard Restoration deal with thousands of insurance claims each year, they also offer a range of building restoration services outside of the insurance claims industry.

For either residential or commercial exterior restoration services, Storm Guard are the first nationally-recognized franchise system for exterior insurance restoration.

All State Franchise Finders Represents Storm Guard

With solid training and ongoing support, Derek Cafferata believes the Storm Guard Restoration franchise is a great opportunity for those looking to become business owners.

“As a Storm Guard franchisee, you have available to you an experienced crew and resources to get your business gaining momentum quickly,” said Derek. “Not to mention the company’s utilization of sophisticated, high-tech weather predicting software, that helps pinpoint where storms have recently occurred and insurance claims are likely.”

All State Franchise Finders are located with their headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas. Derek and his team represent more than 250 of the country’s most successful franchise opportunities. For more information about the Storm Guard Restoration franchise, or any other franchise opportunity, contact All State Franchise Finders today on 1-800-544-2161 or visit