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Minimum Investment: $33,550

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Financial Assistance Provided: Yes

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There are many reasons why Drama Kids is unique to the afterschool activity market.
•    Drama Kids is not an entertainment business.   We don’t do birthday parties.   We are committed to developing speaking and acting skills and building confidence and self esteem of children which naturally comes from participation in dramatic activities.  As a teaching business, we take development of these skills in each one of our students very seriously and are rewarded when we see children blossom as they move through the year.

•    Our program is an ongoing program where children can enroll for many years to continue building their skills.  Curriculum is designed so that children will never repeat a lesson or performance regardless of how many years they stay in our program.  Most Drama Kids enroll for at least one full school year, many of our children stay in our program for 3 years or longer.  Other children activities have a much shorter length of stay.  This means a more loyal customer base and greater financial opportunity for our owners.

•    While Drama Kids successfully goes into schools and delivers a quality afterschool program, we also want as many children in our market, regardless of what school they attend,  to become Drama Kids.  Consequently,  the Drama Kids proven marketing systems allow owners to set up their own classes in the community and build classes wherever and whenever they desire.   In this way, we are not hindered by changes in a school’s policy, personnel, or space. We provide you with the tools to build a strong business that delivers a high quality service throughout your DKI territory.

•    Our excellent advancing curriculum ensures that children from ages 5-8, 9-12, and 13-17 receive appropriate lessons and performances providing you with a market, not limited to only elementary school ages.

•    When school is out, your business can be IN with outstanding full week summer camp programs delivered on either half day or full day basis, including great end of camp performances for parents and friends.   Most  summer weeks are free for you to relax and enjoy time with family and friends.