Money Mailer

Financial / Terms

Minimum Investment: $56,000

Support & Training Provided

Financial Assistance Provided: No


Money Mailer has re-invented local business marketing.  Our franchise becomes an in-house ad agency resource for local, neighborhood businesses in exclusive, protected territory.

Franchisees provide a customized, integrated marketing solution that incorporates targeted direct mail, Internet, mobile text messaging, email marketing, smart phone apps and social media.  Cost to the business is pennies per household. Franchisee shows the business owners how to target the right prospects with the right offers.  The only national company laser-focused on providing valuable marketing expertise to local, community-based businesses, one of the most under-served market segments in the Country.

Initial and ongoing lead generation provided.  The Franchise Performance Coach spends 4 weeks in the territory following 2 weeks at MM University to ensure successful 1st mailing.  The cash flow starts 8 weeks after MM University. Strong Item 19 with single-territory franchisees earning almost $100,000 with top 25% almost $300,000.  With franchisee ad sales and profits at all time highs, 2013 will be best year in 34 year history. Franchisees do the consulting, we do the rest, including ad design.  No sales experience required, but candidates must be comfortable working with small business owners in a consultative, relationship-driven business.

B2B model, home-office based, high repeat business.  $50,000 single territory, $75,000 multi.  Additional $25,000 – $50,000 liquid required to cover living expenses and working capital during start up.