Baby Boomers Driving Demand for In-Home Care

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With over 46 million seniors in the U.S. fuelling the in-home care industry, demand for these services are on the increase. And businesses like Acti-Kare are leading the way.

Baby Boom Statistics

America’s older population, aged 65 years and above, currently make up approximately 15 percent of the total population, a little over 46 million people. Baby Boomers, those who are currently aged between 52 and 70 years of age, are significantly reshaping this demographic.

According to the Administration on Ageing, this demographic is expected to more than double in size to 98 million people, around 25 percent of the population, by 2060.

The average life expectancy has increased from age 68 in 1950 to 79 in 2013, according to the Population Reference Bureau. While this is a positive statistic, there are a number of health issues that are also on the increase, meaning this increasing population group will require greater healthcare, whether that be in-home or in a suitable medical facility.

Alzheimer’s Disease a Major Factor

Alzheimer’s Disease in one of the leading healthcare concerns experts are aware of for this older population group. It is predicted that there will be a steep rise in the number of people suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease over the coming years. Currently, around 5 million people live with the disease, but by 2050 this figure is expected to almost triple to 14 million.

Obesity rates are also another health concern for this age group. Obesity rates currently stand at approximately 40 percent among those aged 65 years and over, and experts are aware that this figure is constantly on the increase.

These health statistics are already putting pressure on Medicare and are fuelling the increasing demand for in-home health care.

Acti-Kare Leading the Way

Businesses like Acti-Kare have seen this progression and have decided to meet these needs by offering franchise business opportunities that provide in-home care to those in need.

Derek Cafferata, President and CEO of franchising experts, All State Franchise Finders, believes businesses like Acti-Kare are right on target for future success.

“When looking to go into business for yourself, always consider the industry’s future potential and growth,” says Derek. “Virtually every healthcare and government department is aware of the need for easier access to in-home care. And everyone knows that this demand is only going to increase.”

All State Franchise Finders Represents Acti-Kare

All State Franchise Finders represents Acti-Kare, a company who provide in-home care services to seniors as well as people recovering from illness, injury or surgery and expectant and new mothers.

Acti-Kare Responisve In-Home Care was founded in 2007 and currently has 100 franchises operating across the country. Acti-Kare consistently ranks among the best franchises in Entrepreneur Magazine’s Annual Top 500 Franchise list.

“Apart from the great growth potential an Acti-Kare franchise offers, it is also a popular choice among franchisees due to its low start-up costs, in-depth training and excellent on-going support,” says Derek. “No prior healthcare experience is necessary to invest in an Acti-Kare franchise.”

With more than 30 years’ experience in the franchising industry, All State Franchise Finders help guide potential business owners through the process of franchise selection, helping people find the right franchise opportunity to meet their specific personal and financial needs. All State Franchise Finders offers sound advice and hands-on assistance through the entire process, from franchise selection to franchise set up.

For more information about Acti-Kare, or any of the 250 franchises that All State Franchise Finders represents, visit or call 1-800-544-2161 today.