Cruise Ship Industry Shows Strong Growth for Franchisees

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Cruise vacations are one of the fastest-growing markets within the leisure industry. Franchise travel centres are experiencing huge growth.

Considering the international cruise industry generates around $40 billion each year and has an average annual growth rate of over seven percent, it’s easy to see why this sector of the leisure industry is one of the fastest-growing and most exciting markets to invest in.

Cruise Ship Industry in North America

North America is one of the most popular destinations for cruise vacations, with an annual revenue of almost $20 billion, roughly half of the global industry revenue. The roughly 15 million cruise ship passengers each year are serviced by 185 cruise ships of varying sizes.

According to Cruise Lines International Association, passenger demand has increased 68 percent in the last decade. In the United States, the popularity of cruise travel has outperformed general leisure travel by 22 percent over the past few years.

This increasing demand is being met by cruise companies building more and more luxury ships. In fact, an additional 65 new ships will enter the market over the next four years.

“When you consider that only about one quarter of the American population have ever taken a cruise, the growth potential within this market is both staggering and exciting,” said Derek Cafferata, CEO and President of All State Franchise Finders.

The cruise industry is one that is all about the customer. Cruise companies aim to cater to passengers’ every whim, providing everything a passenger of any age could possibly need. For this reason, customer satisfaction remains at unprecedented high levels and most first-time cruise travellers return for subsequent cruise vacations.

Cruise Ship Centres Sailing Ahead of the Competition

With demand for luxury cruise travel high and supply of ships at a never-before-seen rate, all that is required is for someone to sell the cruise packages.

Franchised travel centres have excellent training and corporate support for every new franchisee. The experienced start-up teams help franchisees through every step, getting each location off the ground and into a profitable position.

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