Franchising: the Low-Risk Option for European Entrepreneurs

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While some European countries are considered more entrepreneurial, countries like German & France like the idea of an established brand from which to grow a business.

State of the Franchising Market in Western Europe

Businesses looking to franchise into the European market usually consider the English speaking countries of the United Kingdom and Ireland as the go-to destinations for growth and development.

However, there are some countries, like Germany and France, who are considered more reserved when it comes to business entrepreneurialism and risk than the likes of the UK and Ireland, who have a large number of independent business owners starting up all year round.

For these more conservative business-minded countries, the franchising model offers greater support and stability, as well as less risk, than an independent start-up business concept.

Franchising in Germany

When one thinks of German business enterprise, the engineering and technical industries are what comes to mind, with the likes of global names like Bosch, Carl Zeiss and Siemens – all brand names associated with quality, precision and technical excellence.

Now, according to franchising experts All State Franchise Finders and their CEO, Derek Cafferata, German entrepreneurs are looking to branch out into the more popular global franchise industries, such as the fast food industry, the health and fitness industry and the business-to-business service industry.

“We find that the majority of German entrepreneurs prefer the franchise business model,” says Derek. “As the franchising concept offers the new business owner the benefit of an established brand name, a tried-and-tested business model, training and support and solid marketing plans and business strategies. Something an independent start-up does not benefit from.”

The German Government has been actively encouraging entrepreneurialism over the past few years and consider franchising to offer a positive future for the country’s economic future and development.

Franchising in France

According to the European Franchise Federation, France is Europe’s largest franchising market, with total sales totalling over $51.5 billion. Since the turn of this century, franchising has seen a 10 percent growth rate year on year.

“France understands the franchising concept,” says Derek. “Since the 1970s franchising as a business model has been existent throughout France.” All State Franchise Finders help a large number of U.S.-based businesses to take their brand globally, and the French market is a popular option.

Franchise Experts

With more than 30 years’ experience in the franchising industry throughout the U.S. and around the globe, All State Franchise Finders help businesses of all sizes, across all industries, to expand through the franchise business model.

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