Solar Power Surging Ahead in Popularity for U.S. Residents

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Use of solar power in residential homes across the U.S. continues to increase at record levels, helped significantly by a steady fall in costs of solar panels.
The U.S. solar industry is a strong, steady and confident industry, enjoying record levels of growth year on year. While solar panel prices saw a significant drop from 2009 to 2010, it was 2011 and beyond that really saw the solar power market take off. As PV panels continue to drop in price, the number of homeowners across the country choosing to install solar are increasing at a strong rate.
Record Year for Solar Power Installation
According to the Solar Energy Industries Association, last year saw a record year for solar installation, with the residential market growing faster than the utility market. A 51 percent increase in residential solar power installations occurred over 2014, while the utility market increased 38 percent.
This figure is expected to again reach record levels in 2015. The driving factor is the reduction in the cost of installing solar. The cost of solar installation has dropped more than 73 percent since 2006. Combine this with tax incentive credits, numerous states placing a strong focus on solar power and a Government who continues to push environmental protection, solar is big business.
While California leads the way in residential solar installation, with 53 percent of the country’s installations in 2014, other states are catching up, in particular the West and Northeast. New York and Nevada saw the greatest increases in residents moving to solar power. Overall, the first quarter of 2015 saw a 75 percent increase on the first quarter for 2014 for residential solar installation.
Solar Power is Big Business
With a definite increase in solar installation right across the country, residential solar installation is in high demand. Businesses like Solar Universe, a franchise business established in California in 2008. Today, Solar Universe has 39 franchise units right across the country and are actively seeking new franchisees.
According to Derek Cafferata, CEO of All State Franchise Finders who represent more than 250 franchise businesses including Solar Universe, the popularity of residential solar installation means a franchise like Solar Universe is a solid investment. “There were almost 200,000 solar installations throughout 2014, with more than that number expected for 2015,” said Derek. “When you consider the solar capacity is set to double over the coming two years, a franchise opportunity like Solar Universe is an easy choice.”
Solar Universe offer in depth professional training so no solar power knowledge or experience is necessary. The company have a strong national brand, promoting quality, trust and professionalism to the consumer marketplace. Their strong national and local marketing help franchisees harness the wide client database right across the country.
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