Staffing Industry Trends Looking Positive for 2016

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The staffing industry in the U.S. shows positive trends for 2016. According to franchise experts, now is a great time to consider a franchise in the staffing industry.

The staffing and recruiting industry provides career opportunities and workplace solutions for some 16 million Americans each year. This is an industry that makes a vital contribution to the United States workforce and economy.

In North American, the staffing industry is on track to generate more than $140 billion in 2016 and industry experts, such as the U.S. Staffing Industry Analysts, predict an average of five to six percent growth each year for the coming future.

Company branding, taking advantage of building stronger client relationships through Internet and social media technology and staffing placement data are the key focus trends for staffing agencies during 2016. It is these areas that the majority of staffing agencies feel they need to enhance in order to attract more experienced employees as well as a way to strengthen hiring client relationships.

Recruitment analytic software is a great way for staffing agencies to monitor and enhance these key focus areas in order to provide a better service to clients and attract a higher calibre of employee. Experts believe staffing agencies who utilize this type of software will be able to gain the upper hand on their competition.

Staffing Agencies Benefit Employees

In the average week, over 3 million temporary and contracted employees are placed by staffing agencies around the country. Over a typical year, these companies employ more than 16 million people.

Choosing to find employment through a staffing agency offers a greater opportunity of permanent placement, access to better job roles and scheduling flexibility. According to research, nine out of 10 staffing employees believe their staffing employment makes them more employable.

Staffing agencies cover almost every workplace industry, with some choosing to cover a broad spectrum of industries, while others prefer to specialize to one particular industry.

Staffing Agencies Benefit Business Owners

Busy business owners utilize the expertise and experience of professional staffing agencies to find quality staff quickly and efficiently, without having to go through a lengthy and time consuming recruitment process. Reliable staffing agencies, like Express Employment Professionals, have extensive access to employment talent that they have pooled over time, attracting quality people looking for solid employment opportunities.

Approximately half of all staffing agencies in the United States service the temporary and contract staffing sector, while others service the permanent placement and recruiting sectors. As a business owner, understanding your employment needs goes a long way to making the right decision when it comes to choosing which staffing agency to use to get the best quality staff for your needs. See Promising Future for Staffing Industry

According to the American Staffing Association, the staffing industry is growing at a faster rate than the labor market and the economy.

Derek Cafferata, CEO of All State Franchise Finders, the experts in franchising across the United States, has a very positive outlook on staffing agencies like Express Employment Professionals.

“Any business owner looking for a franchise opportunity should consider entering into the staffing and recruitment industry,” said Derek. “It is an industry that has shown constant and continued growth over the past few years and all industry experts believe this is set to continue.”

All State Franchise Finders offer years of experience in the franchising industry, helping people select the right franchise opportunity to meet their knowledge and experience, lifestyle, financial position and career goals.

Express Employment Professionals have ranked number one in their category for Entrepreneur Magazine’s Franchise 500 since 2012, and are ranked number 70 overall in the Franchise 500 list. Derek Cafferata believes their history, rankings, experience and size make Express Employment Professionals a solid investment choice.

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