Substance Abuse in the Workplace and how to Control It

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Substance abuse plays a significant role in workplace accidents & injuries, absenteeism, loss of productivity & low employee morale, leaving business owners wondering what they can do.

Prevalence of Substance Abuse in the Workplace

It is estimated that almost 24 million Americans are addicted to drugs or alcohol, that is approximately 1 in 10 people over the age of 12. And according to the Government initiative, Closing the Addiction Treatment Gap (CATG), only about 11 percent of these people actually receive treatment for their addiction.

While cocaine use is on the slow decline, marijuana and methamphetamine use is on the steady increase, and alcohol binge drinking is also on the increase.

Impact of Substance Abuse in the Workplace

So, how do these statistics affect the workplace? Health organizations and Government groups have carried out extensive research on the effect that substance abuse has on the workplace.

For big and small business, there are four main areas that are impacted by the effects of substance abuse among employees. Fatal accidents and premature death, an increase in work-related injuries and accidents, employee absenteeism and loss of productivity are the most affected areas of concern for business owners.

Other concerns related to substance abuse in the workplace include poor job performance, poor decision-making and reduced efficiency, theft and increased likelihood of drug selling to other employees, high staff turnover and low team morale.

While the highest rates of substance abuse are within the mining, construction and food service industries, substance abuse is on the rise and affects every industry.

According to the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD), 70 percent of those who use illicit drugs are employed.

In order to help combat this, business owners and employers are trying to find ways to combat substance abuse among employees. One of the most successful methods is drug screening at work. And Conspire is one of the leading companies who offer drug testing within the workplace.

Conspire Offering Businesses the Ideal Solution

Employee drug testing is the single most effective way for companies to deal with and reduce substance abuse within the workplace, from screening potential new staff to random drug testing among current employees.

Conspire work with companies of all sizes, offering accredited, accurate and effective employment screening. Conspire offer services that assist all areas of the community, from businesses to schools, community organizations to private individuals.

Conspire currently have six offices across the country. With the help of All State Franchise Finders, franchising experts based in Fort Worth, TX, Conspire are actively seeking to open more franchising units. All State Franchise Finders have over 30 years’ experience in the franchising industry, helping guide potential business owners through the process of franchise selection, purchase and setup.

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