Top Expert Tips for Young Franchisors

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An increasing number of young people are moving into the world of franchising in a strong way. Franchise expert Derek Cafferata shares some top expert tips for these young twenty-something business-savvy entrepreneurs.

Franchising isn’t just for the seasoned entrepreneur. More and more young franchisors are moving into the industry and we’re seeing some exciting things happening with energetic, focussed, business-savvy twenty-somethings leading the way in the franchising world.

Learn the Ins-and-Outs of Franchising

In the United States, franchising is a $787 billion industry employing over 8.4 million people. As a franchisor, you are part of a giant business machine, a network of smaller networks. Franchise expert Derek Cafferata, CEO and President of All State Franchise Finders is always keen to advise any young entrepreneur to learn about the franchise business model.

“Franchising is an art,” says Derek. “I encourage all young entrepreneurs to take every opportunity to learn about franchising and the franchising concept.”

Franchising has proven decade after decade to be one of the most successful ways to grow a business. Any young entrepreneur in the process of starting his or her own business should also look at learning about franchising at the same time as developing the brand.

Experience as Much as You Can

As a young aspiring entrepreneur, take every opportunity to experience different careers, job roles and levels of responsibility as you can.
As a business owner, and as a franchisor, you need to be capable of wearing many different hats when it comes to getting things done in your new business. Sales, marketing, management, legal, accounting and business development are just some of the different roles an entrepreneur will have cover to some degree at some time during the setup and early growth of his or her business.

“Whether it’s working in a fast-food restaurant or in your uncle’s business, I encourage any young person to take every work opportunity they can,” says Derek. “As well as giving them valuable experience, these early work experience opportunities also go a long way to helping a young person understand what they might like to focus on as a career path.”

Take Advantage of Others’ Experiences

Experience is key when it comes to business and franchising. Whether they are in your particular industry or not, there is always someone out there with more knowledge and experience than you. Talk to other business owners, other franchisors, other franchisees. Talk to lawyers, accountants, business consultants who work in the field of franchising. Ask questions, seek advice, take opinions of those with experience.

A willingness to seek out and learn from those with knowledge and experience will set you up for success from an early age.

Expert Advice with All State Franchise Finders

Derek Cafferata and his team at All State Franchise Finders understand franchising. With a wealth of knowledge and experience gathered over many years, Derek and his team can guide you in the right direction when it comes to franchising.

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