Women Paving the Way in Franchising

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Traditionally a male dominated environment, the franchising industry is evolving rapidly. And women are paving the way.

Franchising has been a popular concept since the early 1970s and has seen steady growth and development over these past 40-odd years. Having traditionally been a male-dominated domain, women are now stepping up and moving into this business market in a strong way.

Females Moving into Franchising

Most recent reports show that about 30 percent of all franchise owners are female. This is a significant increase from even five years ago, when the percentage of female franchise owners sat at just 20 percent.

“This increase is a combination of females independently owning their own franchises,” says Derek Cafferata, CEO and President of franchise experts All State Franchise Finders. “As well as an increase in male and female joint franchise ownership.”

All State Franchise Finders works with potential franchisees to navigate their way through the complex process of franchise selection, financing and set up. Derek has noted over the past decade the significant increase in female franchise ownership.

“In our experience, women are generally geared to the franchising business model,” says Derek. “In business, women tend to be excellent at collaborating and sharing information, as well as being able to focus on a single unit, while understanding they are part of a much bigger picture.”

And it is these types of skills that is seeing more and more women move into a wide range of industries using the franchising business models available.

Popular Franchise Industries for Females

The most popular franchise industries for women are those in the child services industry, including day-care and child education sectors. In fact, there are more female franchise owners in the child services industry than there is male owner.

Other popular industries with a high percentage of female ownership include travel and hospitality, retail, fitness, as well as sport and recreation.

Franchising Offers a Balanced Lifestyle

According to All State Franchise Finders, most women who seek their advice with the potential of becoming a franchise owner, believe that franchising offers a more family-friendly career opportunity.

When you talk to many successful female franchise owners, of which there are a significant number, you often hear that they were drawn to franchising because they believed it offered the ability to live a more balanced lifestyle, with the flexibility to more easily juggle family, children and career.

A report undertaken by the International Franchise Association interviewed several thousand female franchise owners, asking a wide range of questions, including whether they believed they enjoyed a balanced work/life structure. Of the 6,400 women interviewed, the majority identified with enjoying either a very balanced or balanced work/family lifestyle.

All State Franchise Finders Here to Help

All State Franchise Finders are based in Fort Worth, TX. and assist potential franchisees across the United States. Derek Cafferata, with more than 30 years’ experience in the franchising industry in the U.S. and around the world, leads a dedicated and experienced team who work with men and women of all ages and walks of life through the franchise selection process.

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